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TEIN STREET Advanced Suspension

Change the way you feel the drive. The suspension of the car is responsible for a lot more than one might think. Crisp handling. Better ride quality. Better braking. Easier corners. It takes a TEIN suspension to change the way you drive, bringing back the pleasure and freedom that our Indian roads often deprive us of.

The technologically advanced range of TEIN dampers have been developed and tested by TEIN and Red Rooster engineers for specific cars on the oddest of Indian road conditions. The favourite of many a champion, TEIN suspension was born in rallying and is highly popular in the Production World Rally Championship. TEIN suspensions are extra-ordinarily durable, maintaining exceptionally high performance that lasts incredibly long. They reduce stress and the experience of back-seat roll, especially over rough, winding drives and bad roads, enhance the sensation of grip on various surfaces/roads, and give you ride quality that’s hard to match.


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