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About RRP

About RRP

It has been years since the formation of Red Rooster Performance (RRP) and during this period the organization has grown in terms of people, knowledge, and the products. RRP has invested in Red Rooster Racing (RRR), which helped the company to further test the products designed/represented in real life high performance scenarios.

Having performed outstandingly well at various National and International Racing And Rally Championships, the organization has gained the required exposure, pedigree and credibility to now expand its solutions in the Aftermarket automotive arena in India.

RRP is engaged in the business of enhancing performance of automotives in the two and four wheeler segments. The company is dedicated to giving Indian ‘performance motoring’ aftermarket a makeover by educating consumers about the simplicity and benefits of performance enhancement while providing benchmark quality products, solutions and services.

RRP management’s research has identified a significantly underserved segment in the aftermarket automotive performance space and has invested in design and collaborative R & D with their principals to bring in custom solutions that address the ever burgeoning need of the discerning automotive enthusiast.

RRP’s current products and solutions are uniquely positioned to serve Medium, Medium-High, High and Premium automotive segments of the market because of its:

Ability to offer customized solutions to address varied demands of their clients in the following areas:

  • More Power
  • Improved Economy
  • Enhanced Comfort
  • Superior Handling
  • Unmatched Safety
  • Cool Styling

Ability to offer International level products and quality standards to the discerning Indian consumer.
While executing various functions, RRP aims to uphold the ethics and responsibilities towards the environment and the people that make the company what it is.

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