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Exhaust System

Features & Benefits

Upto 20% gains in power. Dyno proven.

Hassle free installation

Lifetime warranty on material. Stainless steel - 304 grade used.

Sporty exhaust note

Ceramic wool packing high thermal resistance

About Us

Red Rooster Performance Pvt Ltd is an enterprise dedicated to giving the Indian ‘performance motoring’ aftermarket a makeover unlike any other. We are leading edge, world-class performance engineering, technical facility for everyday driving vehicles. Specialist Solutions, Products and Services to take a car to the next level of performance.
Catering to the biking community we have developed the best in performance exhausts, The RRP Exhaust systems which improve the performance of the bikes to next level giving you the best out of your vehicle.

We are master franchisees of some of the finest commercial performance products in the world. We enjoy exclusive partnerships with some of the world’s leading manufacturers, including TEIN Suspension (Japan), BMC Airfilters (Italy), Turbosmart (Australia), Mintex Brake Pads and others.
The ability of people to do things to their cars is a real measure of the maturity of any automotive market in the world. At this point, India is rapidly catching up with the advanced auto markets of the world. Our solutions are not just for the individual ‘need for speed’ car owner, but also (taxi) fleet owners, race and rally teams, and the average car owner who desires everyday benefits that deliver more. More speed, more mileage, more comfort, and more safety.

Red Rooster Performance Rumbler Exhaust for Royal Enfield

  • Feel the thump of the RRP Rumbler Exhaust system for the Royal Enfield.
  • It’s made using SS304 – which is the highest grade of commercially available Stainless steel and ceramic wool to offer the best possible finish and last a life time.
  • It is designed to increase your engines efficiency and gains upto 20% in peak horsepower!
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